Australia: practical information

Visit cosmopolitan Sydney, dive into the Great Barrier Reef, meet the aboriginal groups, recognize the giant deserts, stroll within the national parks, genuine assets of fauna, flowers, and history: this is a (very) small a part of what Australia guarantees. What in case you opt for a actual change? Change of scenery assured!

Area : 7,682,three hundred km²

Capital: Canberra

Peoples and ethnicities: Europeans, Aborigines, Asians

Languages: English; aboriginal languages

Religions: Anglicans (26%), Catholics (26%), other Christians (24%)

Health: Only the yellow fever vaccine is needed from people coming from inflamed countries. It is also strongly recommended to take out insurance that covers hospital treatment, clinic charges, ambulance, and medical repatriation on the grounds that there is no bilateral agreement between France and Australia. Inside the subject of social protection.

Time distinction: As the country is split into three time zones, the time distinction varies from GMT + 8h to GMT + 10h.

Currency: the Australian dollar

Climate: Australian seasons are reversed from the ones in the northern hemisphere. So whilst we shiver in France, it’s summer season in Australia! The climate of this excellent us of a is variable: within the north, it’s miles rather hot and humid while the south is extra temperate.

Short stay formalities (much less than 3 months):
If you’ve got a legitimate passport, then the visa for australia is not required. However, you may need to use for an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization). It is extensively issued through tour corporations.

Formalities for a student visa :
To gain a scholar visa, you need to first be enrolled in an Australian organization. It worries human beings wishing to have a look at in Australia for a period of more than 3 months. It prices round 380 € (550 A $). Its length corresponds to the length of your research (+ 1 month).

A clinical exam and an x-ray of the lungs are obligatory for stays of more than one year. All checks fee a hundred thirty €.

Also, notice that the pupil visa gives you the proper to work element-time in Australia for the duration of your studies (20 hours in step with week all through research and full-time throughout college vacations). You will locate all the data here

Formalities for a Trainee visa :
To do an internship in Australia, you ought to have a need to apply for a particular visa, known as “Occupational Trainee Visa”.

The request prices the trainee approximately 195 euros. The visa may be granted for a maximum of years. Before even starting the procedure, you need to discover a hospitality employer known as a “Sponsor”. Allow approximately months to finish all of the strategies.
You can discover all the data on the Australian authorities website.

Formalities for a Working Holiday visa :
This is the “Working Holiday” (WH) visa, which lets in you to stay in Australia for one year with a work permit. It is geared toward humans aged 18 to 30. You can as a consequence exercise a salaried interest, but now not more than 6 months with the identical employer.

It additionally offers you the proper to have a look at however now not beyond sixteen weeks. When you register, you may be requested about 235 Australian bucks or 180 €. If you pick out this feature, you must have coverage to cover you within the event of illness, coincidence, and hospitalization.

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